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Latest Australian Visa
Iblehaj-ul-Islam get Australian Imigration Visa in just 8 months.
Well done Powerprep!
Farruk Jalali gets Auistralian Immigration VISA this month well done efficcent staff at PowerPrep!
Winners Of June 2013 | 25.06.2013
Mohsin Jamil Quadri And Bushra Salahudeen are the students of the month who have both got their Australian Study Visas (Under subclass 573).
Bursaries for UK | 02.04.2013
The Power Prep announces the wide range of bursaries for UK to Pakistani students for 2010. We understand the price sensitive nature of the market hence We view these bursaries as an essential marketing tool.
Success Stories | 15.04.2013

IMRAN ALI KHAN gets Australian Study Visa congratulations if you wish to talk to him please call us at 021-34820561, 03323225364.
New Classes of IELTS
The new classes of IELTS start every month on 10th day and duration of the class will be one month or as recommended by the faculty.
LINCOLNS UK | 21.03.2013
POWER PREP has got collaboration with LINCOLNS UNIVERSITY / ISC UK .


Established in 1998,
THE POWERPREP INTERNATIONAL is a time-honored progressive company, located in the heart of metropolitan city of Karachi Pakistan and branch offices in 4 other cities such as LAHORE, FAISALABAD, GUJRANWALA and ISLAMABAD.

Our vision is to deliver ethical and genuine services to students and collaborators which enable the students to be come confident and enthusiastic and well-informed, our staff is consist of highly qualified and trained
professionals to lead the students in a very effective manner.

Our guidance and training endow our students with skills and practical wisdom essential to succeed in achieving their goal to proceed to foreign country for higher studies. We draw over 12 years of experience in Educational Services.

Our Dedication

Study Abroad

12 years of experience in Educational Services including overseas admissions in reputed Universities and Colleges in UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, USA, CANADA, IRELAND and Malaysia.

Affilates Institutions

We are affiliated with well reputed Universities and Colleges in UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, USA, CANADA, IRELAND and MALAYSIA.

Marketing Strategies

A universal component of POWERPREP INTERNATIONAL marketing strategy is its content: details such as pricing, marketing mix, distribution channels.

The immigration program is designed for individuals who have exceptional personal skills and experience to compete in the global economy, to enter or stay.

Work Permits

Work permits are offered by different countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Holland, Denmark to the qualified & professional individuals.

Rules and Regulations

We will forward the information on the application form to appropriate institutions to consider making a Conditional or Unconditional Offer to our students.

Building upon your academic knowledge and practical exposure our trainings are designed to offer a challenging and innovative learning experience. A dedicated staff uses a range of skills.

Test Preparation

The Power Prep International offers a wide range of Test Preparation like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT as test preparation for Universities Admission.

English Language

English is the global language of communication. Businesses use English to communicate with companies from other countries and with today’s global media.
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